PmkMill SR梳齒銑牙片

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12, 14, 21, 30, 40


ISO(公制), UN(英制), W(惠式), NPT/PT(斜牙管螺紋), PS/PF/NPS(直牙管螺紋)


M1*0.25, M1.2*0.25, M1.4*0.3, M1.6*0.35, M1.7*0.35, M1.8*0.25, M2*0.4, M2.2*0.45, M2.3*0.4, M2.5*0.45, M2.6*0.45, M3*0.6, M3*0.5, M3*0.35, M3.5*0.6, M4*0.75, M4*0.7, M4*0.5, M5*0.9, M5*0.8, M5*0.75, M6*1, M6*0.75, M6*0.5, M7*1, M7*0.75, M7*0.5, M8*1.25, M8*1.0, M8*0.75, M10*1.5, M10*1.25, M10*1, M12*1.75, M12*1.5, M12*1.25, M14*2, M14*1.5, M14*1.25, M16*2, M16*1.5, M16*1, M18*2.5, M18*2, M18*1.5, M20*2.5, M20*2, M20*1.5, M22*2.5, M22*2, M22*1.5, M24*3, M24*2, M24*1.5, M26*3, M26*2, M26*1.5, M28*3, M28*2, M28*1.5, M30*3.5, M30*3, M30*2, M36*4, M36*3, M36*2, M42*4.5, M42*3, M42*2, M45*4.5, M45*3, M45*2, M48*5, M48*3, M48*2, NO.0-80UNF, NO.1-64UNC, NO.1-72UNF, NO.2-56UNC, NO.4-40UNC, NO.4-48UNF, NO.5-40UNC, NO.5-44UNF, NO.6-32UNC, NO.6-40UNF, NO.8-32UNC, NO.8-36UNF, NO.10-24UNC, NO.10-32UNF, NO.12-24UNC, NO.12-28UNF, 3/16-32UNS, 1/4-20UNC, 1/4-28UNF, 1/4-32UNEF, 5/16-18UNC, 5/16-24UNF, 5/16-32UNEF, 3/8-16UNC, 3/8-24UNF, 3/8-32UNEF, 7/16-14UNC, 7/16-20UNF, 7/16-24UNF, 1/2-13UNC, 1/2-20UNF, 9/16-12UNC, 9/16-18UNF, 5/8-11UNC, 5/8-18UNF, 3/4-10UNC, 3/4-16UNF, 7/8-9UNC, 7/8-14UNF, 1-8UNC, 1-12UNF, 1-14UNS, 1-1/8-7UNC, 1-1/8-12UNF, 1-1/4-7UNC, 1-1/4-12UNF, 1-3/8-6UNC, 1-3/8-12UNF, 1-1/2-6UNC, 1-1/2-12UNF, 1-3/4-5UNC, 1-3/4-12UNF, W1/8-40, W5/32-32, W3/16-24, W7/32-24, W1/4-20, W5/16-18, W3/8-16, W7/16-14, W1/2-12, W9/16-12, W5/8-11, W3/4-10, W7/8-9, W1-8, W1-1/8-7, W1-1/4-7, W1-3/8-6, W1-1/2-6, PS1/8-28, PS1/4-19, PS3/8-19, PS1/2-14, PS3/4-14, PS1-11, PS1-1/4-11, PS1-1/2-11, PS2-11, PF1/8-28, PF1/4-19, PF3/8-19, PF1/2-14, PF3/4-14, PF1-11, PF1-1/4-11, PF1-1/2-11, PF2-11, 1/16-27NPS, 1/8-27NPS, 1/4-18NPS, 3/8-18NPS, 1/2-14NPS, 3/4-14NPS, 1-11-1/2NPS, 1-1/4-11-1/2NPS, 1-1/2-11-1/2NPS, 2-11-1/2NPS, PT1/16-28, PT1/8-28, PT1/4-19, PT3/8-19, PT1/2-14, PT5/8-14, PT3/4-14, PT7/8-14, PT1-11, PT1 1/4-11, PT1-1/2-11, PT2-11, NPT1/16-27, NPT1/8-27, NPT1/4-18, NPT3/8-18, NPT1/2-14, NPT3/4-14, NPT1-11-1/2


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