PmkChuch 835 徑向浮動鉸孔夾頭


“徑向浮動鉸刀柄”可實現自動回中心,徑向平面360° 全浮動(最大浮動 量單邊0.8mm)。保證被加工孔的品質和精度。能有效減小累計誤差、二次裝夾誤差、消除機床主軸的徑向跳動,使用鉸刀中心在整個鉸削加工過程中 始終與被加工孔中心保持一致,使加工過程更加平穩,從而提高鉸孔加工精 度、延長鉸刀壽命。同時節約校準、換刀等輔助工時,提高了生產效率, 大的節約了生產成本。

The “radial floating reamer shank” can realize automatic centering, with 360 full floating in the radial plane (the maximum floating amount is 0.8mm on one side). Ensure the quality and precision of the machined hole. It can effectively reduce accumulated error and secondary clamping error, and eliminate radial runout of machine tool spindle. The center of reamer is always consistent with the center of machined hole in the whole reaming process, which makes the machining process more stable, thus improving reaming precision and prolonging the life of reamer. At the same time, it saves auxiliary man-hours such as calibration and tool change, improves production efficiency and greatly saves production cost.



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